New Zealand welcomes the world
to join Electrifying Conversations.

About Electrifying Conversations

Electrifying Conversations is a world first one day event to be hosted in New Zealand, as this island nation has established itself as a rising star in the electrification of transport. This is an opportunity to network and share knowledge with industry champions and rising stars from across Sustainability, Energy, Transport, Infrastructure, Technology, and Tourism sectors.

Delegates and speakers will be actively encouraged to carve out collaborative plans and efforts, forging further ahead with clean transport, innovation and energy initiatives.

These industries are integral to New Zealand’s clean green narrative, and this day is designed to help further the global response to the current climate change crisis. Keynotes speakers Eva Håkansson, Rod Drury and Philippe Vangeel will welcome delegates in the morning with three diverse and topical presentations and calls to action. Breakout panel discussions will then commence, instigating opportunities to design a roadmap toward a cleaner and more collaborative future for New Zealand and the world. We look forward to bringing some of the best and brightest minds together to engage in this Electrifying Conversation.

Key Note Speakers

Dr. Eva Håkansson
World's fastest electric motorcycle rider

Sergio Baron
CEO, Dynami

Rod Drury
Tech Entrepreneur, founder of XERO

Philippe Vangeel
Secretary General of AVERE

Conference Itinerary

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Speakers and Panelists

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The Electrifying Conversations with Dee West Podcast

Join environmental campaigner Dee West and co-host Natalie Crook for a bite-sized podcast talking all things sustainability with industry leaders and innovative thinkers.

Coming Soon – Saturday, 14th September